Its finally up and running! Yay!

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, I have an awesome free printable for everyone - my 2013 Christmas Planner!

Is anyone else shocked by how quickly Christmas has crept up? I think I say this every year lol.

Anyway, the first thing you should know about me is that I love pretty stationery and I love organizers. And who isn't in love with gorgeous typography at the moment? So, I've put this all together and made THE most stylish Christmas Planner for 2013, so we can all be organized early for a stress free Christmas.

Let me give you a run down of what's included.


Here we have a page for your Christmas Theme (more on that here), calendar pages to keep track of parties and dates, the shopping list and notes pages.


Everyone needs one, but especially at Christmas to keep all that shopping from getting out of control.
I've included a basic itemized budget and a blank budget so its more flexible. There is also a gift budget as I often find it easier to list everyone we need to buy for and put a dollar amount as a guide. This keeps things fair and helps when buying multiple gifts for people.


The Christmas card list makes sure you don't forget anyone and next year you can easily add names to it. The gift ideas pages have space to brainstorm for the perfect present, and there are special pages for children's gifts.


I've done up some simple menu plans for both a dinner and a party as well as a guest list if you are entertaining this year. There is also a baking planner, because there are so many bring a plate events and end of school and work parties to bring goodies too. Alternatively, I use this to plan my Christmas Hampers (coming soon). Also, I've included some recipe pages.


There is also a decorations inventory, which is handy if you have so many you can't remember what you have or are shopping for more, as well as a list for kids activities so they can get creative and involved in the season.


And last but not least, I've done the Planner up in seven different colors so you're sure to find one to match your Christmas Theme. Choose from:

2013 Charcoal Christmas Planner

2013 Fir Christmas Planner
2013 Liberty Christmas Planner
2013 Peach Christmas Planner
2013 Scarlet Christmas Planner
2013 Sunshine Christmas Planner
2013 Turquoise Christmas Planner

Now I don't expect everyone to use every printable - just go with what you need and want to use - and you can print out as many copies of a page as you want. Officeworks did a very nice job of printing and binding mine so it's in an easy to use format too.

I hope you find my Christmas Planner as useful as I am - feel free to download whichever color you wish, or mix them up.

All the best,


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