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Whoever is hosting on the day decorates in shades of that year's colors - from the serviettes and flowers to the tree decorations and special glasses for the kids - as many different touches and layers of color as we can get, whilst still making sure it looks good! The entire family bring gifts wrapped to the same theme and the end result is really lovely.

But deciding on the colors is Serious Business!

Should we have raspberry pink, or more of a mulberry color? Should we put white and silver with it or cream and gold? Raspberry with white and silver might be better as the effect is lighter and fresher (this is important when Christmas is generally 35 plus degrees). But the mulberry would be more unique... OK, raspberry then. But not raspberry like the lollies or the cordial, raspberry like real raspberries, minus the hairs. The color of raspberry sorbet, you know, not too pink, not too red, and nice and rich....

Lol. This mulling over the color goes on and on. When they have finally been chosen, we have been known to cut up ribbon or a magazine clipping so everyone has a little swatch of the 'right' color to carry with them when Christmas shopping.

We have not yet descended to Dulux color samples... (hang on, that is actually a really good idea... and Dan just received his new Pantone color books too...)

As you can imagine, the boys think we are nuts.

But they can't deny the effect on the day is gorgeous.

Over the past 12 years or so, we've had some wonderful colors, and some we'd rather forget (lavender springs to mind), but every year has certainly been memorable!


So, here are my top six themes for Christmas 2013. I've made sure these are super easy for you to recreate: all the decorations are from easily sourced stores like Myer, David Jones, Ikea etc, or easy to find Australian Christmas websites.

If you're thinking of doing this this year, check out my post here - 5 Steps to a Stunning Christmas Theme.


Think soft metallic layers of champagne gold and frosted silver. This is perfect if you have a white or black tree. Steer clear of anything bright and gaudy, instead, look out for pearl and satin finishes, glass beads, and finely dusted glitter.

Luxe Christmas Decorating Theme from

1. Sunshine or Charcoal 2013 Christmas Planner from Eliza Ellis 2. Champagne Candle Ring from Celebrating Christmas 3. Standing Gold Reindeer from Target  4. Pearl Bauble from Domayne 5. Christmas Bauble Wreath from Target 6. Snomys Baubles from Ikea 7. White Berry Hurricane from Domayne 8. Snomys Gift Bags from Ikea 9. French Riviera Christmas Candle from Dusk 10. Glitter Champagne Wreath from Myer 11. Champagne Gold Sequin Tree from Celebrating Christmas 12. Festive Ball from Domayne 13. Golden Apple or Pear from Woolworths


Mint greens, Tiffany blues, turquoise and teal - the perfect shades to cool down hot Christmas weather. Team a Fresh color palette with lots of white and delicate details. This matches gold or silver equally well, and a little bit of indigo or navy in the mix will help give depth.

Fresh Christmas Decorating Theme from

1. Teal and Blue 12 Pack of Baubles from David Jones  2. Mint Bowl from Kikki K  3. Holiday Bowl from Country Road   4. Bead Snowflake Ornaments from David Jones  5. Glitter Bird from Myer  6. Eau De Nil and Mint Dipped Ornaments from David Jones  7. Turtle Dove Cards from David Jones  8. Tiffany Wreath Cards from David Jones  9. Turquoise 2013 Christmas Planner from Eliza Ellis  10. Iced Mini Apples from House of Christmas  11. Timglas Scented Winter Candle from Ikea  12. Morkt Tealight Lantern from Ikea  13. Blue Owl Set from Celebrating Christmas  14. Blue Beaded Wreath from Christmas Kingdom


Think lots of white and muted greys with touches of cool red and liberty blue. This look is about layers of texture, like a snow covered Scandinavian landscape, with little pops of color. Look out for simple dot or star patterns and stylised versions of classic Christmas motifs.

Nordic Winter Christmas Decorating Theme from

1. Tealight Cottage Lantern from Woolworths 2. Rocking Horse Decoration from Domayne  3. Alldaglig Serviettes from Ikea 4. Snowflake Ornaments from Myer 5. Scarlet or Liberty 2013 Christmas Planner from Eliza Ellis 6. Dipped Ornament from David Jones 7. Felt Snowflake Decorations from Celebrating Christmas 8. Tree Decoration from Domayne 9. Tree Silhouette Ornament from David Jones 10. Grey Polka Dot Salad Plate from Myer 11. Driftwood Star from Wheel & Barrow 12. Gingerbread Man Cookie Stamp from Cotton On 13. Felt Christmas Tree Stocking from Norsu 14. Music Note Tree Skirt from David Jones 15. Snowflake Tree Skirt from Celebrating Christmas 16. Snowflake Ornament from Myer 17. Tree & Bird Glass Ball from Myer


This is the perfect theme for Christmas at the beach - think lots of white and contrasting shades of peach, fuchsia, sunshine yellow and blue. In fact, you could get away with no gold or silver at all, and this look would be amazing against a non traditional, driftwood tree.

Summer Brights Christmas Decorating Theme from

1. Snofint Serviettes from Ikea 2. Paper Reindeer from Myer 3. Chevron Circle Ornaments from Freedom 4. Custard Jug in Dandelion from Freedom 5. Ceramic Dog Ornaments from Cotton On 6. Chevron Santa Sack from Celebrating Christmas 7. Hurricane in Dandelion from Freedom 8. Peach, Sunshine or Liberty 2013 Christmas Planner from Eliza Ellis 9. Pink Dreaming Bowl from Kikki K 10. Star Ornaments from Freedom


Forget the glitter and sparkle, this theme is all about natural elements, with layers of wood grain, animal motifs and an element of wildness. Adding some soft yellow fairy lights and a few Cyprus or pine scented candles will help evoke that cool forest feel.

Woodlands Christmas Decorating Theme from

1. White Hart Plate from Maxwell & Williams 2. Christmas Cookie Cutters from Kikki K 3. Wooden Bird House Hanger from House of Christmas 4. Silver Twig Wreath from My Christmas 5. Wooden Owl Ornament from Cotton On 6. Wooden Rabbit Ornament from Cotton On 7. Wooden Squirrel Ornament from Cotton On 8. Star Chopping Board from Kmart 
9. Snomys Mushroom Decorations from Ikea 10. Fir 2013 Christmas Planner from Eliza Ellis 11. Driftwood Table Tree from David Jones 12. Deer Christmas Stocking from Norsu 13. Wooden Bird  Ornament from Celebrating Christmas 14. Red Felt Bird Ornament from Cotton On 15. Hand-carved Wooden Pinecone from David Jones


Red is a classic for Christmas, but make that red a little bit brighter, a little bit bolder, then team it with lots of white and you have a fresh new look. This is the perfect theme to show off a collection of Santa's on the mantelpiece say, with traditional and modern takes on St Nick, and it would also be great with striking typography art.

Simply Red Christmas Decorating Theme from

1. Buttered Vanilla Christmas Candle from Dusk 2. Berry Napkin Rings from David Jones 3. Small Deco Word from Myer 4. Felt Table Runner from Target 5. 12 Days of Christmas Fudge from Harris Scarfe 6. Wire Balls from Wheel & Barrow  
7. Santa Sack from Adairs 8. Lined White Bauble from Myer 9. Twist String from Kikki K 10. Snomys Advent Calendar from Ikea 11. Star Candle Bucket from Kmart 12. Christmas Basket from Kmart 13. Charity Christmas Bon Bons from Howards Storage World 14. Scarlet 2013 Christmas Planner from Eliza Ellis

So, there you have it! My top six themes for Christmas this year. What theme are you choosing this Christmas? I'd love to hear about it!

All the best,


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