Free Printable Home Organizer Section Covers by Eliza Ellis

So our lives have been cruising along quietly since Christmas, and then, out of no-where, comes a week of absolute, ridiculous busyness - just a storm of 'stuff'.

Like the husband stepped on one of Missy's blocks and broke his foot. Random friends and family dropping by completely unexpected. Tradies doing the same. Missy accidentally broke one of the iPads, so I've been running around getting that fixed. Finding out my appointment's been cancelled after half an hour sitting in the waiting room.

And, although I love making jam, I've had twelve kilos (yes, 12!) of peaches dropped off and a huge bucket of blood plums so it's been musical stockpots in the kitchen.

Add to this another 40 degrees plus heatwave this week, a phone that hasn't stopped ringing this morning (including an unbelievably crazy phone scam that I actually reported because it was so strange) and some weird emails coming from Pinterest.

I'm sure you will agree - this week has been BUSY! ...and it's only Thursday, so I'm a little hesitant to wonder what the rest of the week has in store...

Anyway, back to the Home Organizer - it's like a little oasis of calm at the moment!

So, today's post is all about section dividers to help keep us organized, and there's an awesome quote on each to keep us inspired!

First up is one for your planners - because I think most people have looked at and used more than one so far. Goals, projects, habits, as well as to-do lists etc go in this one along with your calendar and/or planner. And, just so you know, even though I'm Australian, I am a huge fan of  Eleanor Roosevelt.

Home Organizer: Planner Section Divider

I've also got a Contacts section divider, as it's important to find these in a hurry. If you use my Address Book, this is a nice alternative cover too.

Home Organizer: Contacts Section Divider

So when I print these out, I'll be doing them on a thick card so they stand out amongst my printables, but if you've already bought tabbed dividers for your organizer, and your printer can handle it, I would try printing them out on those. I'll share with you my favorite bookmarks/tabs later on down the track (during a non silly busy week - omg, internet just crashed.... this is getting ridiculous...).

And now that we've got all the general printables out of the way, I'm going to be doing some for specific areas - recipes, meal planning, housework, finances, medical - just to name a few. I'll also be collaborating with a few other bloggers on some of these, which is terribly exciting.

Just scroll down below to find the download links for these pages - and don't forget to sign up to my newsletter on the way!

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Free Printable Home Organizer Section Covers by Eliza Ellis

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