Free Printable Home Organizing Lists including Home Wishlist, Home Inventory, Household Hints, Media Wishlist and Borrowed & Loaned by Eliza Ellis
However even though I wasn’t posting, I’ve been working hard on new Home Organizer printables, a heap of other interesting posts, a few new series' (terribly exciting), and.... (drum roll please) a proper editorial calendar so I can start being a little bit more organized, and post more regularly. 

With a little luck, I’ll be into a steady daily posting routine within a month or two. (Cross your fingers with me!)

Free Printable Home Organizing Lists including Home Wishlist, Home Inventory, Household Hints, Media Wishlist and Borrowed & Loaned by Eliza Ellis

Anyway, we went through all the housework printables in my posts Creating Your Perfect Daily Cleaning Schedule and My 30 Day Routine, so today I’ve got a few random-ish printables to help you organize some other things around the house.

These pages are ones you may not use every day, but they’re awesome to have when you need them.

This is fantastic when you’re sorting out home and contents insurance, as many of us don’t actually realize just how many thousands of dollars worth of furniture, electricals and bits and pieces we have in our homes.

Free Printable Home Organizing Lists - Home Inventory

Its also a great list if you’re a collector.

Dan and I have been massive readers since we were kids, and we tend to read a lot of series or sets of an entire author’s work.

A few years ago a whole box of Dan’s books got ruined – many of them old ones from when he was a kid. So, I made an inventory of all the ones we still had, and every time I pass a second hand book store I poke my head in and have a little look for those missing books – I think out of about 50 that were ruined, I’ve got about six left to find.

By the way, I just snapped a photo of the list with my iPhone so I’ve always got it with me.

Like I said, we love our books, but we also love our music and kicking back of an evening to watch a good series. Every now and then I’ll hear of an author or artist that sounds awesome, and if I don’t write it down somewhere I’ll forget they even exist – so I just pop them on this little Media Wishlist.

And after YEARS of having the later seasons of the American Office on here, we finally bought them last week and they're absolutely hilarious!

Free Printable Home Organizing Lists - Media Wishlist

You know the sock fairy that lives in the laundry and just magic away all your favorite socks? I swear she has a sister – the DVD fairy.

No matter how hard we try, our CD’s and DVD’s just seem to disappear. Anyway, this list has helped a bit – it can be hard to remember six months down the track who you lent those Arrested Development DVDs to (no idea, by the way…. I think they’re gone for good…) or who on earth that baking dish in the cupboard belongs to.

So, now I write these things down, and things tend to go back to their owners :).

Free Printable Home Organizing Lists - Borrowed & Loaned

I love these. When I see something awesome, I write it down here. Sometimes I’ll add a few magazine or catalogue images too. It’s basically just a big happy space to plan and style things.

Also, whenever the Dan asks me what I’d like for my birthday or Christmas, my standard answer is ‘Oh, I don’t know’ – my mind goes blank and I truly have no idea. So this list is handy to have then too, so I can give him a few suggestions.
Free Printable Home Organizing Lists - Home Wishlist

And here's a page to jot down all those handy dandy snippets you pick up every so often…. (cough, cough  - like my Quick Tips series...!!)

Free Printable Home Organizing Lists - Household Hints

So that’s it for today! To download these printables, simply scroll down to find the links.

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