5 Steps to a Stunning Christmas Theme by Eliza Ellis
It's December 1st and my Christmas Tree is still packed up in the cupboard. Oh well. Anyone else running late this year? I've spent the last week doing heaps of decorations and bits and pieces to make the house look lovely and merry, and I'll be sharing these with you over the next week.

But first, I thought I'd show you how I put together our Christmas theme each year. It really is an easy process, and only takes a few extra touches to create a wonderful fresh effect!

So here is my 5 step guide to putting together a Christmas theme:

1. Look at what you already have

Take a quick look through your stash of decorations - most people will lean toward gold or silver - and its much more economical to use the decorations you already have as a base for your new theme.

2. Decide on your theme

You can choose an actual theme like Woodlands or Nordic Winter like I put together last week, or, for a simpler option, just pair an accent color with two neutrals e.g. teal with gold and white. Here are a few simple color combinations you might like to go with the decorations you already have:

5 Steps to a Stunning Christmas Theme by Eliza Ellis
3.  Tree Decorations

Now that you've decided on your theme, go shopping for a few extra tree decorations in your chosen colors. I find dollar stores often have a great range of colored baubles, and if you cant find the exact shade you're after, just get some spray paint while you're out as well! Classic satin or velvet bows on the Christmas Tree also look amazing, and you can easily find any color and style at Spotlight or Lincraft.

4. Table Decorations

Whilst you're shopping, keep an eye out for pretty table decorations to match your theme. Things like flowers, serviettes, place cards, table runners, bon-bons, serving plates and candles for centerpieces are all easily found in heaps of styles and colors. Just a few little touches will bring the whole theme together. Oh, and I also love to have a few bowls of wrapped chocolates in my theme color scattered around the house!

5. Wrapping and Gifts

We've done the hard part, this bit is easy. I often buy two plain rolls of wrap, one patterned roll of wrap and two styles of ribbon or string and just mix and match for all the presents. I also like it when Santa matches in somewhat. If you wanted to make this process even simpler, just buy plain wrap and a few rolls of Washi Tape to match your theme. If you like to use gift toppers, just use a few extra decorations.

And Voila! There you have it! A simple Christmas Theme sorted!

Let me know if you are themeing it up this Christmas - I'd love to hear!

All the best,


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